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Welcome to ResidentialRO!

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Residential Ragnarok Online


Main City is @go 37

The command @hour tells you how many minutes left until the next activity reward token.

@rates will tell you the rate of the server being 5000x/5000x/10x

@gold will warp you right outside the gold room. (don't forget to autoloot)

@event will warp you right outside the event room.

@mall will warp you right into the all-in-one basic RO mall.

@quest is under construction. Please be patient. :)

@level will warp you to the map where you can level up and leech people. 

@yggdrasil is a farming custom map for Yggdrasil Seed/Berry.

Don't forget to use @mount2. Use it again to unmount. There are so many commands available for players. Free free to suggest more if needed.




Equipment Sets / Weapons / Auroras are currently being worked on. Please be patient. Thanks!


We have PvP Ladder to record kills / deaths in the PvP room.


FCP NPC in rescity. (No need to alt client) Just need Glistening Coat in your inventory.

WoE will be adjusted and added once we accumulate enough players!


Many more changes to come! Please bare with us. :)



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