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, [ResidentialRO]



Thanks for Choosing ResidentialRO!


As you all know, donating is an option. Donations will help fund the server host and help keep it alive. It will also be used for future server expansions.  

Our goal as of right now is to reach $400 in donation. Once we accumulate $400, Android Developers will help get our server on Android devices and people can download our server on Google Play!


As of right now, the ratio for donation is

$1 = 50 Cash Points

Residential Set are $5 a piece. (Helm, Armor, Cloak, Boots, and Shield)

All Lhz MvPs are $2.

Kiel, Ifrit, Fallen Bishop, Gloom, Randgris are also $2

All other MvPs not listed above are only $1.


Noble Weapons are $7 a piece!


Every $20 dollar Donation you get 300 bonus Cash Points.


Str, Agi, Vit, Int, Dex, and Luk accessories are $5 each.


Costume Headgears are $10 Donation Each!

Costume Auroras are $15 Each!


All will be posted in Cash Shop.

If interested, PM Sommy#6778 on Discord.










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