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Happy Holidays from Residential RO!

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Happy Holidays



We hope everyone is having a great holiday. 

We want to thank each and everyone of you for choosing Residential RO and showing us support. 

We hope you'll enjoy our Holiday update and celebrate Christmas with us!



Santa Helper 1 : Reward: Christmas Holly Aurora

  Raccoon Doll(ID:754)
  Sweet Milk(ID:627)
  Rainbow Carrot(ID:622)
  Tropical Banana(ID:634)

  Raccoon Doll drops it at 0.20%
 "Sweet Milk drops at 4.00%
Rainbow Carrot drops at 2.00%
  Tropical Banana is 2.00% by Choco
Tropical Banana is 100% by Lady Tanee

Santa Helper 2 : Aurora of Snowflakes


Sweet Potato(ID:633)
 Orange Juice(ID:620)
  Bitter Herb(ID:621)
  Earthworm the dude(ID:623)
  Fang of Hatii(ID:7036)

  Sweet Potato drops it at 2.00%
Orange Juice drops at 2.00%
Bitter Herb drops at 10.00%
Earthworm the dude drops at 2.00%
Coal drops at 20%
  Fang of Hatii drops by Garm 100%



Free Christmas Gift Boxes from GM Residential

@request a GM in-game or PM me on Discord.

Inside Christmas Box:

Santa's Bag x 10

GM MvP Ticket (Free MvP Card of your choice with exception of Thanatos Card)

Bubble Gum x 1

Residential Aurora x 1 (+22 All stats and Deals 10% dmg towards all monster)

Voodoo Doll (Residential Helm Replacement)

Field Manual 100% x 1

Event Tokens x 100

Bloody Branch x 5





Added Santa Claus and Christmas Theme Rescity!


Christmas Invasion & events will be hosted in-game for the holiday week!

More updates and events will be coded and load in-game.


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